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Physical Therapy

One-on-one rehabilitation
for acute and chronic pain.


Core strength exercise for body
awareness and control.

Patient Education

Educational information on
injuries and conditions.


"I highly recommend Stabilize Physical Therapy, both for personal training and for physical therapy.

The owner, trainer, and therapist is L.C. Gorham, PT, MPT. She is very experienced in physical therapy, and she clearly knows and understands thoroughly the anatomical and muscular structure of the human body. She makes skilled use of the multiple pieces of exercising equipment in the facility, such as the Redcords.

I have been going to L.C. Gorham for 9+ years for individual Pilates training, and this has helped me stay mobile and healthy at 82 years of age.

I have also received therapy at Stabilize Physical Therapy for recovering from a serious leg injury. I continue to receive periodic therapy for activating and strengthening the muscles required for supporting my left knee, which has a torn ACL from many years ago.

L.C. Gorham is not only professionally excellent in her work, but she is also very patient and very diligent in understanding and diagnosing what exactly needs to be done.

The physical space at Stabilize Physical Therapy is very clean, well maintained, and very pleasant."

- Ralph P

"Stabilize Physical Therapy is amazing, and LC Gorham is a rehab genius!

My wife --- a serious competitive golfer and very active person - had been treated by LC a few years ago, for a back problem that medical doctors, chiropractors, and other physical therapists could not figure out, and she was told that she should never golf again.  LC diagnosed her during the first session, and they embarked on a short rehab schedule.  With this and home exercise, my wife's back problems resolved, and she stronger than ever.  She now has no physical restrictions, including golf.  All attributed to LC!

For me, I am a 60-year old long time competitive cyclist, avid golfer (10 handicap), and guitar builder - and need to be very active physically.  I strained my back in the guitar shop and could barely put on my clothes.  I called LC and within ONE SESSION she had me on the mend.  After a few sessions with LC, and some diligent home exercise recommended by LC, my back issues were resolved.  Really remarkable!

I got so inspired by LC's deep knowledge of physiology, stretching theory, muscle anatomy, and exercise, that I decided to keep working with LC in a therapy / trainer hybrid program.  After a few months with LC I have never felt stronger or better physically.  After 40 years of serious cycling, I am riding faster now than ever before, based in significantly improved core strength and flexibility.  And my core strength has also greatly improved my golf swing, shot distance, and endurance on the course.  

LC has multiple degrees in physical therapy and she is also an incredibly gifted observer.  You owe it to yourself to give her a call.  She can help you if you are injured or not."

- A client

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