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Physical Therapy

One-on-one rehabilitation
for acute and chronic pain.


Core strength exercise for body
awareness and control.

Patient Education

Educational information on
injuries and conditions.

Sports-Specific Physical Therapy Programs

At Stabilize Physical Therapy in Newport Beach, CA, we offer a variety of options for exercising safely and strengthening your body to stay active and engaged with life.

Let us bring out the best in you, developing your mind/body connection with our core strength training. We can help you increase strength, flexibility and balance.

We offer:

  • Sports specific programs for surfing, golf, tennis and dance.
  • Intensive shape up and body sculpting packages
  • One-on-one training sessions in Pilates and Redcord methods, tailored to your goals.

Our focus on technique helps keep you safe and confident as you progress. Our powerful exercise programs are safe and challenging at all levels.

We also offer personal training in private sessions as low as $80 per session.

Stabilize Physical Therapy offers body sculpting packages.