Physical Therapy

One-on-one rehabilitation
for acute and chronic pain.


Core strength exercise for body
awareness and control.

Patient Education

Educational information on
injuries and conditions.

One-on-One Physical Therapy
in Newport Beach

Welcome to Stabilize Physical Therapy in Newport Beach, CA, where we treat your pain with effective one-on-one physical therapy and training. By combining hands-on traditional therapy with modern modalities we train your whole body to move more easily and with less pain. We are one of the few clinics in California to offer the Redcord full body suspension technique for physical therapy and personal training. Our Pilates instructors are physical therapists with STOTT Pilates certification, and their knowledge of anatomy and injuries sets us apart from other facilities. We offer customized care complete with an education component so you can be an active partner in your recovery.

Stabilize Physical Therapy offers hour-long appointments.

Patient Testimonials
  • Rob G.
    2 years ago
    I saw L.C. Gorham after having suffered six weeks of radiating back pain. Sleeping was only possible with my back and leg elevated. Walkinng more than 20-30 paces made my radiating pain so much worse that I had to \"walk\" the dog from a wheelchair.l My MRI showed non-specific disc disease, and my primary care doctor had no idea what was going on with my back. I was starting to feel hopeless. That changed with one fisit to Stabilize Physical Therapy. LC did a thorough exam and very quickly diagnoseed me with a psoas spasm. She did a massage release of the muscle, and within hours I was feeling much better. The next day I was walking and sleeping normally. As a retired physician, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking one-on-one care from a dedicated and accomplished professional.
  • David B.
    4 years ago
    I'm a 51 year old former Navy SEAL and life-long surfer, skier, and mountain biker. After an initial consultation and discussion of my past injuries and present goals, LC designed a custom pilates program tailored to my exact needs. Throughout the roughly two years of twice weekly supervised open gym work, I increased strength in critical core areas. My skiing, surfing and mountain biking have never been better and I feel fit. Gone are the nagging back and shoulder pains I used to endure. I have also been able to press it far harder than past years while maintaining an injury free state. I attribute much of this to the increased core strength and flexibility gained in the many pilates sessions that LC designed for me. I highly recommend LC's expertise for any serious athletes wanting to increase overall performance. Far more than just a physical therapist, LC brings a balanced, whole life approach that resonates with longevity and healthy living.
  • N. S.
    5 years ago
    Since I started the PT at Stabilize I have improved my walking a great deal. I have learned what I was doing that was affecting my ability to walk in balance. I am now walking with confidence and without fear of falling. The exercises are helping to strengthen my core. I know that I would have been unable to make these improvements without the help I have received. I continue to work on strengthening my core so that I can increase my ability to find balance in standing, and climbing stairs. Very thankful. N.S.
  • L. D.
    5 years ago
    Because of LC's therapy, I am now walking naturally without a limp. An unexpected therapy bonus; my back is stronger and feels great. No one could be more dedicated and competent than LC. She is a miracle worker. Also, the facility is spotless, friendly and delightful to be in.
  • A ..
    6 years ago
    I am a 60-year old long time competitive cyclist, avid golfer (10 handicap), and guitar builder - and need to be very active physically. I strained my back in the guitar shop and could barely put on my clothes. I called LC and within ONE SESSION she had me on the mend. After a few sessions with LC, and some diligent home exercise recommended by LC, my back issues were resolved. Really remarkable!
  • Ralph P.
    6 years ago
    I have been going to L.C. Gorham for 9+ years for individual Pilates training, and this has helped me stay mobile and healthy at 82 years of age. I have also received therapy at Stabilize Physical Therapy for recovering from a serious leg injury. I continue to receive periodic therapy for activating and strengthening the muscles required for supporting my left knee, which has a torn ACL from many years ago. L.C. Gorham is not only professionally excellent in her work, but she is also very patient and very diligent in understanding and diagnosing what exactly needs to be done.